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Lush Ocean Salt Review

Although I do purchase Lush products i've only so far found two products which I love. Well two products and this Ocean Salt that is. I'm a big fan of their Big shampoo and Retread conditioner. The Big shampoo works a treat on my hair which is normally greasy and limp. I figured one of the ingredients within Big (the chunks of sea salt) was mainly to thank for this grease zapping miracle so I wondered if the Ocean Salt facial scrub would have the same effect on my manky greasy skin.

I picked up a 120g tub of Lush Ocean Salt from eBay for the fair price of £3.60 + £1.50 p&p though it can be far more expensive if there's a few bidders fighting it out. The usual price from Lush is £4.95 but there's no Lush shop where I live so it's either eBay or extortionate p&p by ordering for the Lush site for me.

Upon opening the small black tub of Ocean Salt the smell you are greeted with is one of lime which is one of the main ingredients. It's a very pleasant smell and one which is not overpowering. The cream is a lovely thick consistency and visibly contains lots of sea salt, both fine and coarse granules.

Usage is straightforward. Scoop out however much Ocean Salt you want (only a little is required) and gently rub onto your face. Once scrubbed just wash it off. Washing off is harder unless you want the vile taste of salt running into your mouth, bleurgh. What I do is use this in the bath then tilt my head forwards until it's submerged in the water and quickly wash it off whilst hoping nothing goes near my mouth. I've tried using this at the sink but the taste of the water running down my lips made me gag.

The good news is even if the taste is horrible the product really works on my skin. I use it nearly every day and barely get any greasy spots since i've bought it. My skin feels softer, smoother and cleaner for much longer. Other products have been known to give me dry patches around my nose but this one hasn't. Hopefully it'll keep me looking young too due to the skin rehydration and exfoliating action from the salt, the toning and refreshing action of the lime and grapefruit, and the polishing and smoothing effect of the coconut and avocado. Sounds good enough to eat, doesn't it? Well DON'T!

Lush recommend if you've got dry skin you should only use it once a week and sensitive skinned people should stay away completely due to the lime being too harsh for sensitive types. For oily skin, like mine, you can use it every day if you wish.

I do love this product and will continue to look for another cheap pot on eBay. I love the little black tub it comes in. I love the smell. I love the ease of use. I love the great and long lasting effect. The only thing I hate is the taste but barring this one thing I can't think of a single negative.

The pot is available in two sizes though you only really need the small 120g pot as it lasts for ages. If you'd like more info take a look on the Lush site

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